I spend most of my time giving independent specialist advice. If you want such advice, you should instruct a barrister but who and how?

Occasionally I need to choose a barrister myself. I go first by personal knowledge; second by personal recommendation; third by publications, lectures, CV and reputation; and lastly by comments in published directories; as to which, please CLICK HERE.

How to instruct James Kessler
Prepare a summary of the facts and the questions to be considered, with the relevant supporting documentation.

Advice may be given by written opinion, in conference or over the telephone; advice given orally will be confirmed by an opinion or settled note of conference.

Instructions can be given by Solicitors, Accountants, members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, and any other UK and overseas professionals. I can also take instructions directly from the public where appropriate. However it is often more sensible for a layman to involve his or her advisers at this stage.

If my advice involves taking any particular steps, it will be the accountant or solicitor who puts them into action and who will complete tax returns, etc. For this purpose I can give recommendations if required.

Instructing a QC is not cheap, but it is extremely good value. If a matter is not suitable, I will give recommendations. In an appropriate case I am prepared to undertake litigation on a contingency basis. To discuss availability or obtain a fee quote, contact James Kessler’s clerk. Regulated by the Bar Standards Board. Also see Chambers Transparency statement.